Prepare for Spring Break in Carrollton with These Quick Tips from Carrollton Park Village

As your children grow into teenagers, there will come a time when they may want to go on vacation with their friend’s families. If you have a teen that doesn’t want to spend spring break in Carrollton, then make sure to give yourself peace of mind before they leave by preparing them properly. Here are the best ways to get ready for spring break in Carrollton at Carrollton Park Village:

Keep Connected if They Don’t Spend Spring Break in Carrollton

Anytime your child is away from home, it can be stressful to think about not having open communication with them. While you’re out shopping in Carrollton for the things they’ll need for spring break, make sure to stop at Metro by T-Mobile and add them to your phone plan or purchase them a new phone so that you know you’ll always have a way to contact them while they’re away.

Money Transfers Made Simple at DolEx Dollar Express

Dolex Dollar Express not only supports the Hispanic community in Texas by providing much-needed banking and money management opportunities for those that are underserved and unable to find a bank in the area. With Dolex Dollar Express, you can send money to your child while they’re away. This means that if something should happen while they’re away, you will have peace of mind that you can at least help them financially.

Take Care of Your Vision at Carrollton Vision

Before your teen jet-sets away with their friends, be sure to schedule them an appointment at Carrollton Vision to be sure they have the correct prescription. You can also get them new glasses or surprise them with their first pair of contacts while you’re out shopping in Carrollton.

Visit Carrollton Park Village to discover all the different ways you can help your teen prepare for spring break in Carrollton, or elsewhere. Want to find more of the best spring break preparation ideas in Carrollton? Check out our directory today!

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